WFQ's "Monsters" Issue Now Available!

Get your copy of the latest installment of "Weird Fiction Quarterly" now.

Cover image depicting a monster peering through an outdoor window on a snowy day while a cat watches from a bench.
Cover by Russell Smeaton.

It took us a while longer than expected to get this one out, but Weird Fiction Quarterly's "Monsters" issue is now available in print at Amazon:

This is a full-color edition. (Unfortunately, due to geographic limitations of the KDP program, this issue is not available from the Australian or Japanese Amazon markets.) The Kindle version will become available later this next week.

"Monsters" is also available electronically here:

The theme of this edition was winter and monsters and our WFQ authors delivered forty-two original new stories that range from humorous to horrifying. WFQ creator Russell Smeaton rejoined us as the cover artist for this issue. Sarah Walker and Nora B. Peevy provided a number of wonderful interior illustrations to round out the collection.

If you'd like to support our writers, the easiest way is to purchase a copy of the book (173 pages!) from one of the links above. You can also support us by leaving a review for other readers - this helps us get more exposure on the online storefronts and recommends WFQ to new readers who may enjoy it.

If you'd like to help us by publishing a review of the issue, please reach out to for details about obtaining a copy.

All of us on the WFQ team think that this is one of our stronger installments yet, and we're pleased to be able to share it with you.

Stay weird, ya monsters!

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