Landing Soon: Monsters!

Coming soon: Weird Fiction Quarterly's first installment of 2024. Our theme this time: Monsters!

Landing Soon: Monsters!
The cover to the newest installment of Weird Fiction Quarterly

After a period a bit longer than we expected, we're wrapping up work on the latest installment of Weird Fiction Quarterly, our issue with the theme of MONSTERS.

The final preparation is being wrapped up so we can ship the manuscript off to Amazon, but we figured we'd share the cover, illustrated by none other than the founder of WFQ, Russell Smeaton.

In addition to a stellar cover, this edition will feature forty-two brand new stories from some of our WFQ regulars, as well as some new faces. Here's the table of contents to whet your appetite:

Yuki-onna by M Ennenbach
Snowman With A Surprise Inside by Mark McLaughlin
Lunker by J. Edward Zuleger
Winter Red by Erica Ruppert
Secret Santa by Sarah Walker
They Just Appeared by Shayne K. Keen
The Lottery by Glynn Owen Barrass
The Curve by Mark Miller
Tallemaja by Erin Banks
Spy Balloon by Rhys Hughes
Silt by Polly Schattel
Periwinkle—Fiore di Morte by Melanie Crew
The Real Monster by Nora B. Peevy
Monsters by Robert J. Sodaro
Monsters Aren’t Real by Scott J. Couturier
The Monster of Certainty by Maxwell I. Gold
Midnight Snack by Simon Bleaken
Joyous Night by John H. Howard
Frostbite by Jill Hand
Mermaid by Frank Floyd
Familiar Flames by James Bennett
Evergreen by Chelsea Arrington
Čert by Denise Dumars
Brahmarakshas by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
The Monster’s Ball by Andy Joynes
A Winter Siege by Lamont A. Turner
A Perfect Spot for Eyes Fishing by Robert Jeschonek
Just Desserts by Can Wiggins
Devoured by Chris J. Karr
Projections by John Paul Fitch
Deerheart by Duane Pesice
Dam Bones by Jay Sturner
Love and Fear by Dale W. Glaser
The Thing on the Trolley by David Barker
A Nice Day In The Park by John Linwood Grant
The Winter Winds by Hayley Arrington
The Forgotten by John M. F. Colton
Linda by Roger Keel
Humanity by Glynn Owen Barrass
Endless Winter by Jennifer Caress
Carcass by Sumiko Saulson
A Prayer from a Blacksmith’s Apprentice by Emily Loretta Flummox

This edition also features a number of wonderful illustrations from Nora B. Peevy and Sarah Walker. We'll be making it available in full color for $19.99 USD on the Amazon US marketplace and similar prices on other locales' Amazon marketplaces.

So, stay tuned as we get this release pushed through the final stages. Once it's live, we'll be sure that you're the first to know!

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