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Highlighting 13 stories and contributors from the first year of Weird Fiction Quarterly.

Illustration of H.P. Lovecraft delivering a holiday toast with various creatures from his stories. (Image by Neil Evans.)
Celebrating the season weirdly. (Image by Neil Evans.)

Happy holidays! We hope our readers in the United States enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, and our other readers elsewhere had an otherwise excellent Thursday yesterday.

As a publication that focuses on the weird and macabre, we couldn't let a day called Black Friday go by unremarked and uncelebrated, and we figured that this would be a great opportunity to introduce you to something we have cooking in our oven.

The writers, editors, and illustrators at Weird Fiction Quarterly typically spend most of the year working on our quarterly paperback releases. (Nora, Shayne, and Scott are currently assembling the Winter '24 issue with contributions from our writers.) However, to celebrate each year's contributions, we're also putting together our annual omnibus edition the first week of December, as a large hardcover collection of all of the stories we published over the past year. This is intended to be a jumping-on point for new readers (we're shamelessly stealing the idea from the comics publishers) as well as a nice edition that existing readers can collect or gift to others to pull them into the tentacular world of weird fiction.

To promote the upcoming Weird Fiction Quarterly, Volume 1, editors and contributors from the past year have selected 13 stories from 13 of our authors, and we will be publishing one story from the upcoming hardcover each day. We're calling this event The 13 Days of Weird Flash, and we invite you subscribe to this site, so that each day over the next two weeks, you'll have one new 500-word weird tale delivered to your inbox.

So, to join us, please enter your e-mail in the sign up form below, and check your mail for a confirmation message to set up your subscription. We will be dropping our first story this afternoon, so sign up now so that you don't miss it!

Published thus far:

Day One (Nov. 24, 2023): "Nocturnal Shift" by Melanie Crew

Day Two (Nov. 25, 2023): "Whiteout" by Robert J. Sodaro

Day Three (Nov. 26, 2023): "Far Behind" by Can Wiggins

Day Four (Nov. 27, 2023): "The Rave" by Andy Joynes

Day Five (Nov. 28, 2023): "A Garden of Grief" by Simon Bleaken

Day Six (Nov. 29, 2023): "Jump" by Jill Hand

Day Seven (Nov. 30, 2023): "Human, All Too Human" by Frank Floyd

Day Eight (Dec. 1, 2023): "To Everything There is a Season" by Erica Ruppert

Day Nine (Dec. 2, 2023): "Too Damned Hot" by John Paul Fitch

Day Ten (Dec. 3, 2023): "Devil Inside" by John H. Howard

Day Eleven (Dec. 4, 2023): "ZOT!" by Duane Pesice

Day Twelve (Dec. 5, 2023): "In the Fontainhas" by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

Day Thirteen (Dec. 6, 2023): "Ynè-Kee’s Journey" by Jay Sturner

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Lovecraft holiday image used with permission from Neil Evans.

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