Table of Contents for WFQ: Folk Horror

We have 60 new pieces for our upcoming Folk Horror installment. Take a look at what your favorite authors have contributed.

Table of Contents for WFQ: Folk Horror
Screenshot of the contents from our working manuscript for the Folk Horror installment

Earlier this week, we shared the cover for our upcoming Folk Horror installment. We’re humbled by the positive reception it received and we’re working hard to get the book out and into your hands. Today, we received the last of our contributor proof approvals, and we’re in the last sprint of getting our contracts in place, and fine-tuning the manuscript for print and electronic distribution.

Before we drop the Table of Contents on you, we wanted to highlight some of the pieces from our growing group of contributors (61 this time!):

  • In “The Old Ways” by John Paul Fitch, a priest discovers his flock have another, secret agenda—one that goes against all he believes.
  • Peter Rawlik shows how new horrors supplant old horrors in “There are no Ghosts in Dunwich.”
  • Mala Jay Suess’ “The Night Dancer of Harringen” guides us on a journey over several decades of encounters with a feathery, white spectral figure.
  • In David Barker’s “The Raving Ones,” a man hunts for an artifact in the rubble of an abandoned house belonging to an old friend. Little does he know he isn’t the only one searching.
  • With “California Winds” Chelsea Arrington introduces us to a vengeful twelve-year-old girl who wants nothing more than to burn—within and without.
  • Shayne Keen’s “Off to See the Green Man” tells the story of a young woman and a little girl seeking a propitiatory audience with the ancient mythological figure.
  • In “Corner Store,” Elizabeth Getty provides a cautionary Midwestern fable about the dangers of generosity from strangers.

This is just a small teaser of what’s in store for you in this installment. To see who else joined us this time, here is the issue’s full Table of Contents:

  1. Acknowledgements
  2. Foreword: Putting the “Folk” Back in Folk Horror by Shayne K. Keen
  3. Four Stars, Would Book Again by Kurt Fawver
  4. Corner Store by Elizabeth Getty
  5. The Púca by Frank Coffman
  6. I Don’t Do Black Magick by Denise Dumars
  7. Lung Cancer Nessie by Zoltán Komor
  8. Garummy and the Queezle by Robert Jeschonek
  9. We Give You Our Best, Our Most Cherished by Jill Hand
  10. Know No Fear by M Ennenbach
  11. Off To See The Green Man by Shayne K. Keen
  12. Based on a True Story by Robert J. Sodaro
  13. The Incubus’ Paramore by Sumiko Saulson
  14. Sanctuary by J. Edward Zuleger
  15. There are No Ghosts in Dunwich by Peter Rawlik
  16. Night of the Living Artichoke Queen by Don Webb
  17. Fire in the Sky by Glynn Owen Barrass
  18. Love Child by Manuel Arenas & Jay Sturner
  19. Cunning by Erin Banks
  20. The Harvest Dance by Simon Bleaken
  21. Hog Hunting by Lamont A. Turner
  22. Géac Yoresung by Adam Bolivar
  23. The Makeshift Men are Raised by Scott J. Couturier
  24. The Clatter of Dishes by Erick Mancilla
  25. The Lynching on 512 Road by Hannu Afere
  26. Out of Darkness—A Familiar Voice by Melanie Crew
  27. The Woodwose by Phil Breach
  28. A Rat’s Duty by Rebecca Buchanan
  29. The Rus by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
  30. My October Bride by K.A. Opperman
  31. The Night Dancer of Harringen by Mala Jay Suess
  32. Come Back by Brandon Barrows
  33. All Hallows’ Feast by Ashley Dioses
  34. The Raving Ones by David Barker
  35. Stations by John M. F. Colton
  36. Warehouse by Duane Pesice
  37. Wanting by Erica Ruppert
  38. The Witches by Michael Thomas Ford
  39. Riding the Winds, The Wild Hunt Brings Winter by Rahul Gupta
  40. Shuck by Tony Bradbury
  41. The Old Ways by John Paul Fitch
  42. When They Come by Lisa Morton
  43. There was a Bird, a Folksong by Hayley Arrington
  44. Resurrection by Sarah Walker
  45. Waves of Grass by Richard Leis
  46. Thirteenth Child (The Birth of the Jersey Devil) by Jason Morton
  47. The Chairs by Rhys Hughes
  48. An Episode in Frenton by John Linwood Grant
  49. King Dong by Andy Joynes
  50. Dumb Supper by Russ Parkhurst
  51. Dancing the Fairy Reel by Roger Keel
  52. The Metal Man by Maxwell I. Gold
  53. When Did He Go? by Frank Floyd
  54. “I Shall Tell It Once, Then Never Again.” by Silvatiicus Riddle
  55. California Winds by Chelsea Arrington
  56. Lunchtime in Blood Creek by John H. Howard
  57. The Well by Frances Lu-Pai Ippolito
  58. Dognapped by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
  59. The Creaker by Mark McLaughlin
  60. New World, Old Religions by Chris J. Karr
  61. Angel Bright, Sign of Death by Can Wiggins
  62. Cernunnos by Christopher Ropes
  63. About the Authors

Stay tuned for our release announcement, when you can grab a copy and experience for yourself the tales and poems behind each of these titles.

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