Folk Horror cover reveal!

Check out the cover for our upcoming Folk Horror installment, dropping soon!

Folk Horror cover reveal!
Weird Fiction Quarterly: Folk Horror, with artwork by Liv Rainey-Smith.

We are in the process of polishing up our upcoming Folk Horror installment, featuring original contributions from over sixty contributors, including our signature 500-word flash fiction stories telling folk horror stories from around the world (and across time), as well as some exceptional new poetry.

Here's a peek at the front cover, featuring artwork from Liv Rainey-Smith:

As a long-time fan of Liv's artwork, it pleases me to no end that we were able to work with her for this installment. And for folks who don't know, while the image above has been digitally tweaked for print purposes, its original incarnation started as a wood carved print called "The Gathering":

Original wood-cut print of "The Gathering".

You can pick up this print, as well many others at Xylographia.

As for the book itself, we're in the finishing stages getting all of our contracts in order and doing some final proofing of the manuscript. (It's looking really good!) Assuming no major issues crop up (and this isn't our first rodeo!), we're looking to have this ready to order later this week or early next week.

Stay tuned for more updates, including our finalized Table of Contents to see all the folk that joined us for this installment!

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