Weird Fiction Quarterly: Folk Horror 2024 is available

Our latest folk horror installment is now available for purchase!

Weird Fiction Quarterly: Folk Horror 2024 is available
Amazon listing of Weird Fiction Quarterly: Folk Horror 2024.

Our latest folk horror installment just went live on Amazon.

Synopsis (courtesy of Shayne Keen):

Weird Fiction Quarterly does Folk Horror!

Once again we bring you the finest in our now-signature 500 word flash fiction and exquisite poetry contributions, featuring over 60 writers from all around the globe and a dubious burlap sackful of color illustrations by our own Sarah Walker!

Visit a strange, quaint village where the yearly festival is Everything.

Call on the cunning woman or the witch doctor for a cure that might cost your very soul.

Go deep into the woods in search of what may be a monster—or some forgotten god that Must be Appeased.

Find a famous cryptid or two in (very) unexpected places!

However you think of Folk Horror, hold onto your garland of flowers, because, as with every issue of Weird Fiction Quarterly, there is no possible way to prepare yourself for what could pop up in these pages. Portals open and close; trees are not what they seem. Tales from different countries and cultures intermingle. From the wilds you hear the reel of bewitching pipes.

Whether or not you follow them, folks, things around these parts are about to get really weird!

You can get your physical copy at the following locations:

We're working on getting the electronic edition out to the Kindle market and the other e-bookstores over the weekend. I need to double-check some new formatting choices we made before uploading it. Stay tuned for news on that front this upcoming weekend. (If you're not already subscribed to our newsletter, now might be a good time to do so.)

Finally, a BIG thank you to all of the contributors that helped make this happen, as well as our crack production team of Shayne Keen, Scott Couturier, and Sarah Walker!

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